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Giulia Borgna

Giulia Borgna is an Italian lawyer and a Partner at Saccucci & Partners, where she manages the Albanian Desk. Her practice and research focus on public international law, human rights and extradition. She is a member of LEAP (Fair Trials), DELF, ELA and ASGI. She holds a PhD from the University of Palermo. She is Adjunct Professor of European Cooperation in Criminal Matters at LUMSA University in Rome.

Matteo Zamboni

Matteo Zamboni is an Italian lawyer whose practice and research focus on international human rights law. He holds a PhD from the University of Milan and an LLM from Middlesex University in London.

Alessia Matonti

Alessia Matonti is an Italian lawyer whose practice and research focus on public international law, human rights and immigration law. She lives in Rome. 

Francisco Teixeira da Mota

Francisco Teixeira da Mota is a Portuguese lawyer and author with wide experience in human rights and freedom of speech cases. He lives and works in Lisbon. 

Giovanna Fiorentino

Giovanna Fiorentino is an Italian lawyer qualified as a solicitor in the United Kingdom, where she practices criminal law and extradition.

Andrea Saccucci

Andrea Saccucci is an Italian human rights lawyer. He is managing partner at Saccucci & Partners and associate tenant at Doughty Street Chambers. He is professor of International Law at the University of Campania.

Walter De Agostino

Walter De Agostino is an Italian criminal defence lawyer with expertise in Criminal Enforcement, Extradition and European Arrest Warrant, Human Rights and Fundamental Freedom. His main office is based in Rome but he represents clients all over Italy and abroad.

Anna Oehmichen

Anna Oehmichen is a German lawyer and partner at Knierim & Kollegen. Her practice and research focusses on extradition, MLA, transnational crime, European and International Criminal Law and white collar. She holds a PhD from Leiden University and is a part time lecturer at the University of Gießen/ Germany. She is member of LEAP (Fair Trials), DELF, ECBA, and of the Criminal Law Committee of the German Lawyer’s Association (DAV).

Irene Milazzo

Irene Milazzo is a PhD Candidate in Criminal Procedure at the University of Bologna and a legal trainee at the General Public Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Bologna Court of Appeal. Her research interests focus on extradition, national adjudication of international crimes, and on the functioning of international criminal courts, tribunals and investigative mechanisms.

Claudia Cantone

Claudia Cantone is a PhD Candidate in International Law at Università degli Studi della Campania and a trainee lawyer. Her practice and research focus on public international law, extradition and human rights. She lives in Rome.

Matteo Trenta

Matteo Trenta is a trainee lawyer. His practice focuses on extradition and human rights. He lives in Rome.

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