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These guidelines set out the policy of eXtradando in relation to submissions of posts for publication on the blog.


The blog accepts unsolicited submissions. Submissions will only be published if they: (a) are written in English, Italian or French of good quality, are clear, direct, to the point and well structured; (b) comply with our word limit and style guidelines below; and (c) are civil and respectful in tone.

We welcome robust and critical analysis, but we ask contributors to maintain a civil and non-disagreeable tone.

To submit a post for consideration, please email the editors at We normally take a few days to review submissions; a decision to publish may be made subject to revisions.

Style guidelines for post submissions

  1. Contributor bio and photograph: If this is your first time contributing to eXtradando, we will create a contributor profile. Please submit in the same Word document as your post a brief bio, including if applicable a hyperlink to your professional or academic web page. Please also attach a color photo of yourself to your email. You may additionally send any other photographs that are relevant to the content of your post.

  2. Length and headings: The general limit for the length of a post is 500 words. We know that some topics need a longer treatment, but shorter posts are more likely to be read. Longer posts will be published only exceptionally, if the topic so warrants in the judgment of the editors.

  3. Fonts, spacing, and paragraph format: Any font is fine. Please submit your post single spaced with a single line return between paragraphs and no indentation. Use headings at your discretion to break up long posts.

  4. Footnotes: Please do not include any footnotes.

  5. Citations: Please put any citations/references in parentheses immediately after the propositions or quotations that they support. Cite only if strictly necessary.

  6. Hyperlinks: Insert embedded hyperlinks to relevant supporting materials and legal texts, including judgment, treaties, and cases, and to relevant previous eXtradando posts. Always consider what would be useful to the reader. In Word, hyperlinks can be easily embedded by selecting text, right-clicking, and choosing the hyperlink option in the contextual menu.

  7. Attachments: If your post relates to a judgment, piece of legislation or other decision, send us the relevant attachment in PDF.



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